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Working principle
Jul 11, 2018

Take the four-stroke engine and the two-stroke engine as an example: Four-stroke engine uses a wide range of four-punch engine that is, piston every four times reciprocating movement cylinder point once fire.

The principle of the concrete work is as follows:

1. Inlet: At this time the inlet valve is opened, the piston is down, and the mixture of gasoline and air is sucked into the cylinder.

2. Compression: At this time the intake valve and exhaust door closed at the same time, the piston uplink, mixing gas is compressed.

3. Combustion: When the mixer is compressed to the minimum, the spark plug jumps to ignite the mixture, the combustion pressure pushes the piston downward and drives the crankshaft to rotate.

4. Exhaust: When the piston down to the lowest point when the exhaust valve open, exhaust gas discharged, the Pistons continue to go up the excess exhaust gas discharged.

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