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Spark Plug Maintenance
Jul 11, 2018

The spark plug is the key part of the motorcycle engine. The normal combustion of the mixed gas is the key to the normal operation of the engine. First of all, each engine uses a different type of spark plugs, mainly calorific value, thread size and so on, so be sure to use the specified model spark plugs. Engine normal combustion, unscrew the spark plug observation, the normal electrode should be ochre red, if black, that is, the accumulation of carbon, the mixed gas is too thick, burning inadequate, should clean up carbon. Clear the central electrode groove and the L-polar carbon deposition with a sharp cone 

; Adjust the gap of spark plug: GS125 (0.6-0.9mm), qs150t (0.7-0.8mm), the spark plug on the carbon will hinder good sparks, and may lead to broken fire, if found that the spark plug is easy to damp or gray, indicating the calorific value of the spark plug does not match, you should go to the light Suzuki designated repair shop replacement of the appropriate spark plug note 1, determine the thread size and stopper length.

If the stopper is too short, the threaded part of the plug hole will cause carbon deposition and damage to the engine.

2, before the application of the spark plug wrench, the hands can be carefully rotating the spark plug into the cylinder head of the thread department to prevent damage.

3, use the Special Vehicle tool spark plug sleeve, tighten the spark plug to the stipulated tightening torque.

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