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Lubrication system
Jul 11, 2018

Four-stroke engine using splash lubrication and pressure lubricants combined lubrication method. The two-stroke engine generally uses the mixed lubrication method of the oil of the QB gasoline engine with a certain proportion in the gasoline. But this lubricating way of the mixed oil regardless of engine working conditions, all according to the proportion of the established supply Sirun, increase the consumption of lubricants, combustion is not complete, more carbon deposition, there is exhaust pollution. The new generation of two-stroke engines are separated and lubricating, with separate Sirun boxes and oil pumps. Oil pump is generally used reciprocating plunger type variable fuel pump, by the crankshaft gear through the worm, worm drive. Fuel supply through the throttle hand, the control cable and the carburetor joint valve, so that the oil supply with the changes in engine speed change, high speed oil supply, low speed when the supply of oil, reasonable, and mixed lubrication method can save more oil. The oil is blown away into tiny oil mist by high speed mixture, which needs lubrication, reduces the oil to enter the combustion chamber, burns the mixture completely, reduces the coking and exhaust pollution.

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