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Exhaust Volume
Jul 11, 2018

How to calculate the exhaust quantity? cylinder diameter------cylinder diameter is referred to as cylinder diameter.

Stroke------piston in the cylinder to do reciprocating movement, when the piston from the top point (TDC), run to the next stop (BDC), the distance travelled is called the piston stroke, referred to as stroke or stroke.

(now with 03 years Honda CBR600RR For example, engine form: water-cooled four-stroke parallel four cylinders 16 valve DOHC engine for example:

Cylinder diameter (67.0mm) and stroke (42.5mm)

Exhaust Volume calculation method:

Cylinder broken Area X-stroke X-cylinder number = Total Exhaust cc

Stroke -42.5mm = 4.25cm

Cylinder diameter -67.0mm = 6.7cm

Fault area ——---3.35 x 3.35 x 3.1416 = 35.25

Broken area 35.25 X-stroke 4.25 x Cylinder Number 4 = Total exhaust capacity 599cc

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