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Crank Rod
Jul 11, 2018

The crankshaft of motorcycle engine is assembled by combining the left half crankshaft, the right half crankshaft and the crank pin. Ball bearings are arranged on the spindle necks of the left and right halves of the shaft to support the crankshaft on the crankcase. The two ends of the crankshaft are equipped with flywheel, magnetic motor and clutch active gear respectively. The connecting rod is the whole structure, the big head is circular shape, and the needle roller bearing and the crank pin are combined into the crank connecting rod group.

In the two-stroke engine piston ring in the installation should pay attention to the piston ring openings in the piston ring groove positioning pin, to prevent the piston ring in the ring groove rotation, resulting in leakage, scratches on the cylinder sleeve on the inlet and outlet.

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