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Characteristics of Motorcycle Engine
Jul 11, 2018

(1) The engine is a two-stroke or four-stroke petrol engine. (2) The use of air-cooled cooling, there are natural air-cooled and forced air cooling two. The general model uses relies on the traveling air to blow over the cylinder head, the cylinder sleeve on the heat sink to take away the heat the natural air-cooled cooling way.

High-power motorcycle engine to ensure the low speed and before the start of the engine cooling, the use of fan and wind hood, the use of forced-air cooling of the cooling plate forced air-cooled cold. (3) The engine speed is high, generally at 5000 rpm. The lifting power (the effective power emitted by the engine displacement per liter) is large, usually around 60-kilowatt/liter.

This shows that the motorcycle engine has a high degree of reinforcement, small engine size.

(4) Engine crankcase and clutch, gearbox design integrated, compact structure.

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