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Jul 11, 2018

The carburetor is an important part of the motorcycle fuel supply system, which lies between the air filter and the engine inlet port. The General motorcycle engine uses the inlet air flow direction as the flat suction type, the section valve is the plunger type, the float chamber type carburetor. The carburetor structure is mainly composed of two parts, the float chamber and the mixing chamber. The float room is located below the carburetor, has the tubing through the throttle switch through the fuel tank, through the float on the needle valve, maintains the float indoor oil surface certain height, causes the oil supply pressure to be stable. The function of the mixing chamber is to mix gasoline evaporation atomization with air so that the engine can get the required mixture at various loads and revolutions.

It is composed of festival art valve, injection oil needle, fuel injection tubing and gas, oil road, etc. Through the rotation of the throttle lever of the motorcycle, the throttle wire rope Control Section valve and the oil injection needle move up and down, change the inlet pipe section and the oil supply, to meet the need of mixing gas under different speed and load. A idling adjusting screw is arranged on one side of the carburetor to adjust the idle speed. The idle stop screw is used to prevent the valve from turning and adjusting the minimum opening of the section valve.

There is a back spring at the top of the section valve, and the valve is closed when the throttle hand is not rotating. In some two-stroke motorcycle engines, in order to avoid the low speed of the carburetor when the phenomenon of reverse spray, between the carburetor and the cylinder body fitted with a one-way reed valve to control the intake. The reed is made of thin spring steel sheet, the seat is aluminum alloy, the air inlet is on, the air inlet plane and the reed contact part are pasted with a layer of oil rubber to reduce the impact and vibration of the reed and the seat.

When inhaling, a certain degree of vacuum is formed in the crankcase, under the effect of pressure differential reed valve open mixture into the crankcase, when the piston downward, the vent has not been opened for an instant, the crankcase pressure increased, the reed valve closed, to prevent the reversal of mixing gas, improve the dynamic engine at low speed and economic.

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