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Electric Vehicles

  • Electric Vintage Car

    Electric Vintage Car

    Electric vintage car GMDL5 inspired by FORD Model T, the antique design drives you back to the 1930’s. The model’s different versions – 5-seater, 8-seater and 11-seater - guarantee you one ride for your distinguished guests. Vintage in look, yet modern in comfort, the EPS...

  • Electric Vintage Four Wheeler

    Electric Vintage Four Wheeler

    Four-wheeled electric car GMDL8 inspired by FORD Model T, the antique design makes you feel like in the 1930’s. This model has different versions with different passenger capacities – 5-seater, 8-seater and 11-seater, this guarantee you can always find one to fit all your...

  • Electric Antique Vehicle

    Electric Antique Vehicle

    Electric four-wheeled vintage car GMDL11, XL version of GMDL5 & GMDL8 versions. Compared to the other 2 models, it has one row of backward seats (for 3 passengers) at the rear end, this outstanding design increases your riding fun. Riveted leather seats make you just like...

  • Electric Police Car

    Electric Police Car

    Electric police patrolling car GMDJ4, with more versions available: 6-seater and 8-seater. Fiber glass roof equipped with LED flash lamps, with alarm and speaker. Widely used by police, city administrative staff, securities in large industrial businesses, community, etc....

  • Electric Truck

    Electric Truck

    Electric truck model GM5000E. 2-seater (including driver), with 13-inch aluminum wheel rims and off-road tires, is more adaptive to rough road conditions. Equipped with self-discharging system, is widely used for short-distance transportation in businesses, ports, stadiums,...

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